SMS here means Social Media Strategy. There needs to be a marketing plan for each business for it to work, for consumers to know that such product or service exists. Back in the past, the marketing was done employing many methods like door – to – door marketing, adverts in paper, radio, television and even telemarketing. This is all in the past.
Today’s methods are totally different. “Internet Marketing” is what is used these days. The way a consumer is connecting to a business is different. Major share of the marketing is done online. Now – a – days consumers search for products and services online first because it is the fastest and easiest means of searching for the desired product/service. Also the options available are not limited. A company needs to focus on internet marketing to establish itself in the market and actually reach the consumer base.


Social Media Marketing Strategy is very important for connecting to consumers. Statistics are a clear proof of that. Nearly 1/3 rd of the population uses internet daily. More than 60% of browsers access search engines daily and for most of the population even for searching local businesses, internet where the search begins and ends. A business going for internet marketing has a much better chance of succeeding than the ones which market conventionally.

Each company needs to develop a right strategy for their business. In other words customize it to suit the company’s needs. Analyzing the industry is very important. One needs to check what kind of consumer base uses the product and target accordingly. If larger consumer base read blogs, advertising in blogs makes sense. That way the target consumers are not missed. In addition making use of the social networking sites is a clever strategy. Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has got very good base for potential consumers. As the saying goes – “More the merrier”.

There is a 3 step simple rule in Social Media Strategy for any business – Locate, Reach out and Engage. Locating the current consumer base is the main step. Once the current base is located, one should look at building prospects for the future. This increases the consumer base in the long run. It may be a slow process in the beginning, but as the time goes on the current future prospects turn into consumers. After locating, the business needs to Reach Out to the consumers.

Either the consumer can contact the business or the business can sometimes take a call and contact the consumers directly. This is the base for the relationship. Then comes Engaging a consumer. Here is where a consumer is converted into a proactive contributor for the business. By interacting with the customers and understanding the consumers will help the company cater to the needs of the consumers efficiently.