There is no introduction to face book as it is very popular world widely and most used social networking website through which users can add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves. Of course the facebook is initially built for students but it becomes very popular social networking website through which carries marketing at a vast level and plays a dominant role in the online industry. Branding a company through social networking is very important now a days.


Facebook is a great channel to advertise a person’s or organization’s brand and it promotes the business all over the world very quickly. It is a power full   online social networking tool to reach the people in every nook and corner of the world to develop the business. Facebook helps in analyzing the market position which plays a vital role in the business in order to promote the business.

The application of Facebook marketing is rapidly changing, which enables to do the viral marketing in order to promote the business.  From the promotion point of view, the Face book news feed is a great channel to advertise their cause.

Facebook offers number of viral channels to get the word out to the friends and creatively reach the target persons. The best part about these guerilla tactics is their cost and free. From the budget point of view to the marketers, Facebook offers both integrated and self-serve solutions to reach each and every facebook audience. Depending on your budget,  started as an advertiser on Facebook with as little as a few dollars for a short-run flyer or as much as several hundred thousand dollars for a customized “sponsored group” destination inside Face book.

Facebook is opening up a preview of the redesign and soliciting comments from users and also offers a feature called Pages that are the home bases on Facebook for big organizations, and public figures. But these are largely static presences, and fans of these companies and people have to go to a special corner of the site to see their updates.

On Facebook, most people are expecting to have a bit of fun, and they like content which is unexpected or entertaining. Appealing games and applications, or multimedia and video content, are popular ways to create a branded experience for your audience. Another great Facebook marketing strategy is the business experts creates content which is highly valuable to your audience. This might be market research data like a video. Thus, by giving people something of real value, they will want to keep coming back to your page to see what you have to say and share. They will also be more likely to share your material with their friends. Ultimately, your aim is to go viral across Face book.

With all these variety of feature facebook become popular tool for marketing by easily reaching the people in each and every part of the world by providing a number of feasible ways to the marketers in order to promote their business.

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