1. You have a clear and big vision

2. To whom you want to provide a service or product

3. What is your future perspective ?


1. What are the market opportunities you are looking ?

2. How to establish in market with best opportunity?

Main Product/Service:

1. What is your product/service ?

2. How your product/service can be benefit to your customer?

3. What are the features you are providing with your product/service?

4. Marketing your product/service though online advertising

Target Customers and Market:

1. Who are your existing customers ?

2. Who are your target customers ?

Team Effort:

1. Your management team is key aspect

2. Their experiences

3. Team efforts and finding loop holes in team

Revenue Model:

1. How you will get revenue ?

2. What is your Revenue Model ?

3. Finding requirement to generate revenue


1. Who are your top 5 competitors in your market environment ?

2. Finding better partners within your competition

3. Finding competitor strengths and weaknesses

Key needs for Startup Business:

1. A best domain name, hosting plan and an email service

2. A Business website with good content and explaining clearly about your products/services to your customer.

3. Search Engine Optimization to promote your business in online.

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