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The Keystone Keyword – Get Your Magical Card

The Keystone Keyword – Get your Magical Card

The first step in any SEO campaign is to identify appropriate keywords.

It’s like a cards shuffling game to get an appropriate keystone keywords  for better business.

Toputop ( Internet Marketing Company )is providing you the cards for selecting keystone keywords to place as a perfect place holder in every search engine to increase your volume by targeting more traffic.


There are two major classifications of keywords :

• Long Tail

• Core or keystone keywords.

‘Long Tail’ keywords are actually derivatives of keystone keywords.

In order to optimize a site for long-tail search terms it is critical to choose the best possible keystone keywords.

Picking the best Keystone Keywords – 3 Criteria

1. Choose keywords that get high search volumes.

Look for keywords that have high volumes of searches already, this has two benefits:

•Going after the high volume keyword and

•Targeting a likely broad source of long-tail traffic.

2. Research the long tail available under each keystone keyword you are considering.

You want to be sure that the long-tail of the term you are targeting is sufficiently high in volume. If the long tail is limp than you won’t get the highest possible return on your efforts.

It is also advisable to look at competition on several of the long-tail terms related to your keystone keyword. Be sure to compare the relative competitiveness of the long-tail terms to the keystone term – this will help you determine how much and how quickly you can expect to gain traffic from this long-tail group.

3.Always look for keystone keywords that have a high degree of relevancy

Long-tail terms have a high degree of relevancy in general. As with all search traffic it is important that your business targeting through your keystone keyword and subsequent long-tail keywords.

If the long tail keywords are largely non-relevant to your business, you will again fail to realize the full potential of your efforts.

In the end picking the right keystone keyword for your business is critical, whether you are running several niche sites or one large site that has many niches. As with all keyword selections it comes down to volume and relevancy as these concepts apply to the keystone keyword and its relation to its own long-tail.

Written by Internet Marketing Company : Toputop

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