The most revolutionizing concept of 2009, Twitter has taken the world by storm. Even celebs are tweet-ing their way into their fans heart, while others are tweeting to keep people posted regarding even their day-to-day activities. Having such a huge audience at their fingertips always makes the marketing heads jittery. What most successful internet marketing professionals have found out and swear by is that it is not just listen in to the demands of the public, it is the generation of super-fast communication, and you have to be the first to listen in to their demands and consequently the first to satisfy them.


The glaring communication gap between the consumer and the producer is a thing of the 90’s. The social media phenomena has bridged that gap and brought them together. If you want to use Twitter to further your marketing goals, there are a few things you have to keep in mind. The first and most important thing to bear in mind being, Twitter can only be of any real use to your marketing strategies if you have blogging in your original marketing strategy in the first place. Twitter marketing can further divert more traffic onto these blogs and help engage more public every day. Also tweet-ing about the updates on these blogs can be an effective way to stay fresh in the memory of the public.

Another way most major mainstream companies are using Twitter is to popularize any new schemes, sales or even success stories. These are something everyone wants to know, so it is a win-win situation for both the consumer and the producer. An idea most bigwigs are cashing in on is – groups. Right from the Presidential elections to the smallest of the marketing scoops, people are working hard to develop a community of supporters for their cause.

So, what grabs eyeballs? Something new or something sensational. Creating a buzz or interest around your product is one of the primary uses of Twittering about it. Keeping this in mind, Twitter is convenient to even update breaking news or news as it happens. Just a line is enough to keep the interest of the readers piqued and to make sure they keep coming back for more. And finally what makes social media stand out is the ‘social’ aspect of it. Adding a personal touch to the messages or ‘tweets’ sent out, is a great way to build a relationship between the customers and the organization. After all, relationships are all in the name of the game.

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