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From being touted as the next big thing to actually becoming the hottest phenomenon on the web, Twitter is the new rage on the Internet. Anyone who is anybody is on twitter and they are making those 140 characters matters. It is a potential gold mine for marketing and knowing how to use this is the need of the hour. Twitter has gained a lot of popularity over a very short period of time and also has some of the biggest names in the world hooked on it. This makes twitter marketing a must for all marketing strategies.

One of the most important rules of marketing is to make the best of the current trends. Marketing is all about being in the moment. Twitter marketing is the rage at the moment, so you will do well for your company to get on to the bandwagon and do the best you can. The best thing about using twitter is that it is a sure shot way to increase the traffic to your blog or website. Most authors/celebrities/bloggers/people in affiliate marketing/anybody else is on twitter for the very same reason – to direct the vast amount of traffic that hits this site every hour of every day.

Another reason why twitter seems to be a very welcome option to all small to medium enterprises is because it requires a very nominal and small investment. For other kinds of marketing huge funds are required, which every company cannot afford. Social media has the power to reach out to the masses and doesn’t require any investment (relatively) and this is the most important reason for the success of social media marketing in today’s world. Twitter marketing has a very high return on investment and this makes it a very handy marketing tool.

Using tried and tested methods such as using promoted accounts for brand building is a sure shot way to increase the brand value if your company. Something as simple as using hashtags to promote your company is proving to be a great marketing plan. Using promoted trends and promoted tweets is another sure shot way of excelling at marketing. Research has shown that users check twitter’s homepage at least once a day to take a look at what is currently trending. These are a few ways to ensure that you are doing all that you can in the manner of twitter marketing for your company.

Some of the biggest companies are joining the Twitter marketing bandwagon and it is time that you did so as well. This marketing is more interactive and hence more effective in nature. For more information on twitter marketing and how to exactly make the best of it for your product and your company, consult a twitter marketing consultant. A consultant has all your options sorted out for you and that could make the big difference.

Twitter Marketing :

A 140 Characters process to promote your brand.

Twitter is becoming viral day by day. In the coming future marketing on twitter is very important for every brand.

Twitter marketing can “Strengthen your brand”.

We have phenomenal strategies in doing a Twitter promotions and utilizing the marketing trends that drive qualified leads and high traffic to your website.

How we can help your Company / Brand:

• Twitter Account profile background design with respect to your brand

• Twitter Account maintenance

• Twitter posts management

• Integrating Twitter and your blog feeds

• Monitoring your Company / brand / top executives on Twitter

• Keeping in touch with media and customers

• Increasing followers count

• Maintaining live updates with respect to your industry

Advantages of Twitter Marketing:

• It can inform people about your new products and services

• Linking can be easy for your blog, press releases

• Customer support is easy

• Conducting and promoting event is easy

One way or the other, Twitter is where all the action is. Make sure you are a part of it.

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