Twitter Video Advertising

Twitter is the most engaging and busy platform on the web. This microblogging site was has been used by the marketers for advertising. It is also helping the advertisers to generate good revenue from the platform. The video advertising had improved strategically and every marketer was targeting the video as it has the power to attract and engage the audience towards the brands.

The videos can be very beneficial to create and drive the viewers and when comes to video advertising on Twitter, the platform was designed by focusing on the relation between the marketers and consumers. The preroll ads on Twitter are also of the best advantageous way to reach the consumers online. The audience can use the high-quality images as their thumbnails on Twitter to attract the audience. The marketer can advertise their video for 12 seconds on Twitter and include with a tweet.

The marketers can tweet 140 characters by linking a video or high definition images in the Tweets to attract the attention of an audience. The brands can use the premium and can align themselves with the real-time TV content on Twitter and it amplifies your message beyond the followers of your account on Twitter. by posting a video on Twitter, the marketer can start a conversation with the audience in real time.

Twitter Advertising Services:

  • Twitter profile management
  • Video editing and creation
  • Video posting and maintenance
  • Twitter video campaign designing etc,.