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Web Analytics

Web Analytics is a process of analyzing the site’s traffic pattern in online marketing. It helps you to understand the visitor behavior that enters the website, giving you a deep insight into your site traffic statistics. It gives you the ability to monitor and interpret the performance metrics and improve the quality of service as well as the productivity. It ensures you to retain the potential customers and maximize the returns. This includes analyzing the data coming from various sources and mediums in search engine marketing such as Search Engines, Organic, PPC, Email marketing, Referrals and Affiliates.

Typical information you can avail from this:

• Where visitors are entering and how they are navigating through your website.
• Get the geographical information.
• Know the traffic sources and medium, the visitors are coming to the website.
• Distinct search terms used by the visitors.
• New visitors Vs retuning visitors data.
• Discover the type of content that works for you.
• Determine the Bounce rate & Cart abandonment rate that control the re-visiting rate of users.
• Identify the shopping cart behavior using the conversion funnels.
• Observe the e-commerce data like the products sold, items shipped, revenue generated, average order value, order conversion rate and many more…

The above collected data will enable you to interpret the root cause analysis and determines the right solution to enhance the visitor experience, improve the sales and in turn the ROI. This include

• Identifying the geographic locations visited most & least by the customers
• Identifying the frequency of returning customers
• Personalizing the website for the returning & loyal customers
• Monitoring the revenue made by individual customers or a specific group of customers
• Promote specific customers through the product range they are choosing the most
• Increase the average order value by promoting the high end products
• Ensuring the cart abandonment is reduced at the start of checkout
• Improving the order conversion rate by initiating various type of packages as per the customer purchasing pattern

Many companies invest plenty of dollars and time on various applications, softwares, tools and systems to generate vast amount of data that works online. But the immediate question is… Is the information collected worthy? Are you making the effective utilization of that data? How are you adding value to your business with that information collected?

Choose TopuTop to learn how to evaluate and get the most out of the business information collected to drive sales and gain ROI. We help you finding the ways of analyzing in a differentiated online user experience. TopuTop is aimed at delivering improved site usability and sales in online marketing.

Don’t just look at the current numbers; always be accustomed to compare it with the previous numbers for better understanding of the traffic patterns.

We take care of data management, data analysis, ad hoc data requests, creating custom reporting, dashboards with drilldown capabilities, executive summaries, trend analysis, deep insight to understand the traffic patterns, ability to defend the critical consequences, predicting the possible outcomes and many more to maximize the returns at a minimal expenditure.

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