Below listed site audit checkpoints:

• Content
• Information architecture
• Functionality
• Security
• Customer service
• Accessibility
• Technical build
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Define : During the Define phase we can offer guidance to make your website.

• Unique,
• Proper navigation,
• Place holders of images, flash files, PDFs etc.
• Useful precautions
• Resolving future enhancements
• Exceptional cases

Design : In the Design phase we can work with your team to benchmark and design performance goals.
A continuous, systematic process of evaluating, to determine business and work processes that represent “best practices” and establish rational performance goals.

Design is a learning experience for setting targets and developing winning strategies
It is a discovery process

Design involves two types of comparisons

• Process based
• Results based

Both process and results (performance) need to be Designed.For performance benchmarking, metrics must be employed.Many factors can be benchmarked: quality, productivity, defect injection rate, removal efficiencies etc

Evaluate : In the development phase code and design can be evaluated against the goals set in the design phase.

Live : The launch phase is when we can work with your team to measure the performance of your site against the measurable goals.

The most critical aspect of measurement is the development and implementation of appropriate metrics that span the full process and reflect key customer values. Use of multiple metrics to guide improvement on all dimensions of process performance.

• Time,
• Quality, and
• Cost.

Measurement improvement s aims to reduce the variability in process performance, metrics as a rule should measure median performance and variance, not only average performance.

Audit : the enhancement phase offers you the opportunity to review and audit your site.
A formal process where activities and records are examined and compared to predetermined audit criteria such as:

• Regulatory requirements
• Policies and procedures
• Management goals and objectives

Audit process

• Special Reviews/Management Requests
• Internal Control
• Audit Coordination
• Business Process
• Notification
• Initial Discussion
• Audit Plan
• Opening Conference

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