So you just started out on the internet marketing of your product or service and you’re wondering the exact same thing that people before you have done: Why SEO? Search Engine Optimization is that one complete internet marketing solution that fulfils your every visibility and approachability goal. Yes, you’ve heard that before, but why not pay per click ads or strategically placed ads to reach your target audience? Why not the several tried and tested conventional advertising methods that, in addition to reaching all the places you wants, are also specific in parameters and output?


The answer to all your questions lies in understanding SEO itself. Search Engine Optimization is not as simple a procedure as installing a digital ad in someone else’s website. There is no ‘automated’ solution to search engine optimization that you can access through the click of a button. SEO is a process that spans weeks or months even to achieve the desired results. Through SEO you can place yourself prominently in that mall that your target audience themselves come looking for stuff namely, the search engines. The simplest and stand-out uses of SEO is thus: they are coming to you instead of you going to them which all other internet marketing methods involve.
SEO has is also unbelievably cost flexibile. Now, internet marketing is all about cost flexibility, you’ve heard that already: ‘you pay only for the exact amount of mileage you are getting’. Quantified marketing being the order of the day, SEO takes it one leap forward by saying you can have all the mileage you want at no cost at all! That is because SEO is not a product, it is a process. A process anyone with perseverance could follow. Anyone who has done a reading or two about SEO can tell you as much. But are you really willing to give up a chunk of your time to learn something new altogether and then test it, do the usual trial and errors, then find the process that works for you and continue with it? No, not if you have a serious business going on for you. But you can always introduce search engine friendly elements in your web space to make the search engines know you are here. That’s what I’m talking about when I say SEO is cost flexible to the last dime. Because the process always starts with ‘you’.